Health Risk Assessments

The Health Risk Assessment (HRA) is a tool used to empower employees by giving them access to their own health information.  The complete and confidential personalized HRA provides employees with a snapshot of their health.  The HRA reports on safety, nutrition, exercise, smoking, preventative health, stress and biometric screening results.

All Inclusive:

All employees have access to the HRA through the WellAdvantage web portal.  This feature is not limited to employees under the health care plan.


The WellAdvantage web portal offers the HRA for each individual employee as part of the platform.  The system then recommends educational workshops based on the HRA results.   Employees may retake the HRA as often as they would like with no additional charge.  The biometric screening results needed to calculate the employees final HRA report are uploaded by WellAdvantage.

The HRA may be offered online without the full platform for a specified amount of time.  Both of these online options include aggregate reporting to the corporate client.


A paper form of the HRA may be used.  A printed copy of results are then sent to the individual at a specified address.  The corporate client receives aggregate reporting.

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