Wellness and The Competitive Edge

Prevention Reduces Health Care Costs

For many companies, the high cost of medical insurance significantly impacts profitability. You know that reducing health care costs makes good business sense, but how do you do it? WellAdvantage offers preventive health programs proven to help lower your health care premiums and raise your productivity.

Bottom-line Results:

WellAdvantage works with clients to lower health care premiums. In one case, we achieved a guaranteed cap on increases to health insurance premiums for 18 months.  The average return on investment for a WellAdvantage client is $3.00 for every $1.00 spent (combined health care cost and health risk reduction).



Prevention Increases Productivity

Carefully designed and customized employee wellness programs impact health on many levels and improve your bottom line. In addition to a reduction in health care costs due to the decreased incidence of acute illnesses, you’ll experience an immediate and tangible increase in employee production. The cost of absenteeism and reduced productivity due to increased health risks is typically twice the cost of health care per employee.

Bottom-Line Results:

The result of a well-planned preventative health program is delivery of your products and services at a lower cost and an increase in profitability.

Benefits to your employees include:

  • stress reduction;
  • improved focus and performance;
  • optimal health and well-being;
  • reduced susceptibility to illness and injuries;
  • minimized need for medical intervention; and
  • greater morale and vitality.

Benefits to you are reduced:

  • absenteeism;
  • sick pay;
  • injuries;
  • workers’ compensation claims;
  • turnover; and
  • time managing these issues.


Prevention Reduces High Health Risks Factors

Employees with higher health risk factors including excess weight, smoking, and inactive lifestyles incur more health care costs than people with fewer risk factors. According to the CDC 80% of heart disease, cancer and diabetes can be prevented with healthy lifestyles. Well planned and executed Preventative Health Programs are designed to dramatically improve the health of higher risk individuals by preventing the onset of disease processes.

Bottom-Line Results:

WellAdvantage’s robust programs include a dedicated track targeting high risk individuals in order to lower risks and maintain healthy lifestyles (behavior modification coaching). One WellAdvantage client experienced a total 700 pound loss of weight from a group of 250 coaching participants at the 4th week into the WorkingWell Coaching Program and a 20% reduction of health risks.


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