The WellAdvantage Approach

Avoid the Cost of a Dedicated Wellness Staff

Over 10 years of grassroots experience with program implementation and discovery have lead to the WellAdvantage Employee Driven Preventative Health™ (EDPH) strategic approach breakthrough. This approach is working for companies nationwide and around the world. Now companies of all sizes are able to improve the health of their employee base while maintaining a budget and avoiding the cost of a dedicated wellness staff.


Ensure Your Program Succeeds

Building an employee wellness program requires planning and a strategic approach with milestone markers.  Not all companies are alike, and this is why the WellAdvantage approach allows for easy customization and minimal investment of current staff time.   WellAdvantage EDPH™ programs are designed around 3 basic strategic levels:

Educate: An introductory program with single events to introduce your employees to the concept and benefits of preventive health care.

Engage: A robust and well-rounded program designed to improve health, track health risks, increase employee activity, and engage the population through basic incentives.

Empower: Employee Driven Preventative Health: A multi-year strategy designed to empower employees to take responsibility for their health.



To get started, pick your strategy.

Let the WellAdvantage team do the rest.

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