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WellAdvantage Announces New Growth Strategy and New CEO

Former VP of Operations Bonnie Monroe takes on new leadership role, as Jeanne Sherwood transitions to President and Founder

WellAdvantage CEO Bonnie Monroe
SYKESVILLE, MD (January 27, 2015) – WellAdvantage™, a preventive health and corporate wellness company, today announces that its CEO Jeanne Sherwood will transition into a new role as President and Founder, focusing on leadership and advocacy within the growing field of corporate wellness. Taking on the role of CEO is Bonnie Monroe, who has served as Vice President of Operations for the last two years, ushering the organization through its largest growth phase thus far.

With the strategic reorganization of its leadership, WellAdvantage will direct its efforts toward making a greater impact on workplace wellness through industry leadership, education and advocacy, as well as safety and wellness integration.

“I have been the CEO of WellAdvantage since starting the company in 2001. This transition means realizing a dream come true. As President and Founder, I will focus on sharing best practices and industry knowledge through national and international speaking engagements, advocacy efforts, research and other published works,” shares Ms. Sherwood.

Since joining WellAdvantage in 2013, Ms. Monroe has implemented numerous strategic initiatives through change management, built cross-functional teams and maximized employee performance and outcomes. She introduced the company to new, cutting-edge technology, which has since been implemented throughout its various programs. With this innovative approach to wellness services, WellAdvantage has reduced maintenance efforts and increased customer engagement.

“WellAdvantage has experienced tremendous growth over the last few years. I could not be more proud of the WellAdvantage team and all that we have accomplished to date. We are working on several new initiatives and services, and I’m excited to lead the organization through this new growth phase,” adds Ms. Monroe.

For more information about WellAdvantage, please visit or call (410) 795-7579.

About WellAdvantage™
WellAdvantage is an award-winning preventive health and corporate wellness company. Since 2001, WellAdvantage has developed innovative, customized wellness programs that deliver proven results in health awareness and disease prevention. WellAdvantage offers clients the latest in personal health monitoring and management technology, wellness coaching, biometric screenings, aggregate outcomes reporting and corporate incentive programs. WellAdvantage is MBE/WBE certified. For more information, please visit

What Triggers Emotional Eating and How to Break the Habit

A WellAdvantage Coaching Institute Presentation

Emotional Eating - WellAdvantage Presentation

Emotional Eating

Do you crave chocolate when you’re stressed? Maybe ice cream when you’re happy or potato chips (or more chocolate) when you’re sad?

We’ve all experienced emotional eating, and many of us no longer notice when we eat in response to feelings rather than hunger. Stress, comfort, reward–we all have our reasons, but when eating to fill emotional needs rather than to fill our stomachs becomes habitual, it is time to get motivated and kick the habit to the curb.

WellAdvantage is here to help you do just that. Learn how to break this habit with the help of a health coach from WellAdvantage who will help you identify common triggers and reveal strategies to help you overcome emotional eating! The event is free and open to the public, so please stop by, say hi, learn a lot, and bask in the motivation.

Meet the Coach: Laura Remaly

Laura Remaly - WellAdvantage Coaching Institute

Laura Remaly, MBA, FAWHP, has been a wellness coach at WellAdvantage for three years. She has been actively employed in the Fitness and Wellness Industry for over 30 years. She has multiple certifications in Group Exercise, Smoking Cessation and Nutrition.

See you there!!

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